What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micro pigmentation, gives you long term perfect make up all day, every day! The development of Micro pigmentation has grown significantly over the last few years, now making it the preferred choice of the cosmetic and beauty industry.

At Quay Aesthetics, we work to enhance your natural features in order to create a subtle long-lasting look that will save you hours in front of the mirror.


Semi-permanent make up is used to define eyebrows, eyes and lips in order to give the illusion of perfectly applied, make up any time of the day.

How does it work?

Delicate strokes of pigment matching your natural tones are applied to the skin, much like a light tattoo. This pigment will remain on the skin for a number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time depending on the age of your skin. After your first treatment, you simply need an annual top-up to ensure the pigment looks refreshed and defined at all times.


Prior to any treatment, we ask that you book a free consultation with our semi-permanent makeup specialist in order to ensure we create the exact results you want to achieve. At Quay Aesthetics we understand that every client is different, so we take the time to work with you offering our expert advice on the best treatments to help you achieve your dream look.


This can be carried out in advance or directly before your planned appointment so call or email now for further information.


Our advanced pigments apply fine colour infusion strokes over your natural brow line to create flawless, age-defying brows! Your initial consultation measures your face shape, current brow condition and looks at exactly what you would like to achieve in order to ensure we create the perfect brows for you. At this stage we draw on your tailored shape and jointly select the right colour for you and only at the point in which you are 100% happy do we proceed with your treatment.


Whether you have sparse brow hair and are simply looking to thicken your current shape or want a more defined, contoured look we are here to ensure you receive your dream brows.


Semi-Permanent Makeup for eyebrows has 3 main techniques:


Hair Stroke Brows – Fine hair strokes placed with spacing between for a more natural look

Powder Brows – Fine hair strokes placed closely together to create a more defined fuller brow

Ombre Brows – Slightly lighter finer hair strokes leading into a fuller thicker brow


The eyes are the most striking feature of your face and semi-permanent eyeliner gives natural definition to your eyes to make them really stand out. Like other semi-permanent treatments, our eyeliner can work in a number of different ways depending on the results you are looking to achieve.


For a more natural look, it can create the illusion of larger eyes, thicker lashes and even create the look of base lashes if they are sparse or missing. This is achieved through small dots of pigment applied through the lash line giving the appearance of a thicker eyelash base.


We can also achieve your ideal everyday eyeliner shape as light or bold as you prefer, eliminating tedious re-application throughout the day and creating perfect smudge free eyes. This can be applied to your top or bottom lid or a combination of both to create a fully defined look at all times. At the point of consultation, we design and discuss all options to create your tailored look including choosing the correct colour to suit your age and style.


Lip Liner – Make your lips look fuller and more youthful by defining and enhancing your natural lip contour. This treatment can provide you with a subtle or dramatic look and can be combined with our ‘lip blush’ treatment to gives perfect lips at all times.


Lip Combo – Our bespoke lip combo blends both the lip liner for fuller lips with the all over lip blush giving you beautiful smudge free lips at any occasion! This is a fantastic way to give the illusion of volume to your lips without any form of filler at all- truly enhancing your natural beauty.


Lip Blush – The lip blush focuses on applying natural pigment to the full lip rather than the liner. This treatment is fantastic for reducing any imperfections, loss of colour or signs of ageing to the skin. We use our blended pigments to match your exact lip colour to give a more even and youthful looking coverage or we can work with you to enhance the vibrancy of your lips to suit your desired look.